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Chestnut Hill

The clients of this 6100 sq. ft. residence, had been searching for years for a modern house in the Chestnut Hill neighborhoods they loved. But after several years of not finding the modern home of the right size and location, they settled on a traditionally-styled home in a verdant, convenient neighborhood with a large, well-landscaped yard and plenty of space for the family of four and the frequent entertaining they do.

Since the house itself is void of contemporary architectural details, and the client did not want to gut the home, they sought instead to make the furnishings extraordinary and reflect their preferred modern aesthetic.

Much of the client’s art collection was inherited from the client’s mother – an avid art patron and collector. The art became one of the guiding elements for each room.

The kitchen and Living Room share a large, long common space. So we chose a 10 ½’ long sofa to help fill the elongated room and allow for an expansive sitting area in front of the fireplace

Reflecting the other furnishings surrounding it, the mirrored coffee table with its leathered interior, brings a modern edge to the room.

The chairs are 1955 Paul McCobb. The elegant lines of the frame are accentuated by the inside/out upholstery treatment featuring black and white stripe cushions and a ribbed wool chair frame fabric.

The built-in bar was enhanced with walnut cabinetry, and a soapstone counter and backsplash. The folding shoji screen-style doors offer the option of closing off the space and appeal to the clients’ penchant for Asian design.

You get a peek at the Family Room from the main living space through the wide opening in the far Living Room wall. This is where the family gathers for TV watching. The room veers from the shades of white, black and grey of the Living Room into a space with a bit more color, featuring a custom Chesterfield sectional in teal blue velvet and golden-hued grasscloth. The two-toned grey and taupe wood custom cabinetry, again with a nod to Asian styling on the door and drawer pulls, picks up the grey of the large ottoman and the warmer gold shades of the carpet and walls.

We kept the Dining Room simple and elegant with low leather side chairs, dramatically high arm chairs, a linear light fixture, open weave curtains, and a sideboard made with geometric thermo foam doors.

The Main Bedroom was enhanced with a curvy Kagan sofa that sits in front of the fireplace, pale lime green curtains, a custom walnut bed with a dimpled leather headboard, and bird’s eye maple side tables with unique brass hardware.