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Office Facelift

The client for this project, a prominent Psychiatrist, wanted a home office that was clutter-free, and an uplifting working space for him as well as for his patients who he meets with there.

The effect of the former black casework and gold-sheened wallpaper made the room appear almost funereal.

Yet, lots of natural light poured in through the windows, so it was not hard to imagine how a brighter space, with a well-worked floor plan allowing for ample storage, would completely transform the space.

Using the existing narrow plywood sheeting that covered the fluorescent ceiling lighting as inspiration, we designed a “floating” cloud-shaped ceiling fixture. The structure contains LED strips that allow light through a center slot and all around the edges, while giving a sculptural and elevating presence.

We created usable storage space in the eves on one side of the room and adding a small closet on the entry wall, as well as new built-ins with sliding doors. Bold, primary colors, a modern textural wainscoting, and curtains helped to provide a compelling, welcome, and comforting place for client sessions.